Humane Society of Greater Miami

Humane Society of Greater Miami, a popular resource for deeply discounted dining certificates has partnered with The Humane Society of Greater Miami which is a limited admission facility with an adoption guarantee. It is dedicated to finding a home for every cat and dog in its care. The society also promotes responsible pet ownership and has a neutering and spaying program. With over 2.7 million animals being euthanized every year in the United States alone, the Humane Society of Greater Miami is dedicated to saving the lives of animals and ensuring that it can find homes for the animals that it cares for. It focuses on educating the public about responsible pet ownership. Its adoption guarantee means that every pet that it takes under its care will find a good loving home, and that the threat of euthanasia is avoided. The Humane Society of Greater Miami shelters animals for as long as it takes The Humane Society of Greater Miami shelters animals for however long it takes to find them a secure and loving home. They provide shelter, food, and veterinary care for the animals while they wait for a permanent home. The organization has helped animals in the region since 1936, and it has relied on the support from local individuals and organizations as well as donors in other parts of the country. The organization also raises money with local fundraisers and receives grants as well. They offer a wide range of different services for animals in the area including a foster program, pet therapy, free neuter/spay programs for those who qualify, and more. Caring for more than 300 animals per day The facility cares for over 300 pets per day and offers animals a second chance with shelter and food and protecting them for as long as it is needed to find them a home. The organization works to foster the bond between pets and animals and its programs help to educate the public about appropriate care for their pets. It is dedicated to inspiring people to take better care of their animals and treat them with the respect and kindness that they deserve. The organization benefits from the volunteer and financial support of people in the area and nationally, and helps to improve the condition of animals in the local community with its resources. Over 1,200 animals are rehomed Over 1,200 animals find new homes in the region per year as a result of the efforts of the Humane Society of Greater Miami. Every animal in its care is free from the treat of euthanasia. Pets are guaranteed to be spayed or neutered and healthy before they are given up for adoption. They society works hard to ensure that every pet is a good match for the home they are going to, and homes are prescreened to ensure that they are a good fit. Counseling and guidance is provided to adoptive pet owners. Volunteers from the organization as well as the staff travel around to local schools and clubs to teach the public about responsible pet ownership. Your donations to the Human Society of Greater Miami are appreciated and will be wisely used to improve the condition of animals in the area and educate the public.


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