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Think Pink Kids, a popular resource for deeply discounted dining certificates has partnered with Think Pink Kids, where Two eighth graders, Max and Doug, in Bloomington, Minnesota first hatched the idea for Think Pink Kids when they decided to donate a portion of their yard work to breast cancer research. Max made a flyer for their idea and showed it to his mother Nancy who had been an active volunteer in the American Cancer Society. Max also had been affected when his aunt Jacqui was diagnosed. Nancy was in tears when she first saw the flyer and sparked by the idea, Think Pink Kids was founded with the intention of giving kids the opportunity to raise money for breast cancer research. The organization teaches children about the power of giving while helping to raise more money for a very important cause. The mission of Think Pink Kids Think Pink Kids has a vision of having a Think Pink Kids Club in every school in the United States. The organization is focused on offering breast cancer awareness to young people and adults, to raise money for breast cancer research and awareness, and to partner with organizations and the community. It is a non-profit organization that depends on volunteers as well as public and private donations to function. Like the Komen Foundation and many others, the purpose of Think Pink Kids is to find a cure for breast cancer as quickly as possible. The organization holds various fundraising and educational events on a regular basis in the local areas where it operates to accomplish this goal. Think Pink Kids South Florida was founded in 2009 In 2009, middle school student Jacob Aqua traveled to Cooperstown, NY for a baseball tournament. His younger brother Adam found a pink bracelet with “thinkPINKkids” printed on it, and it sparked Jacob Aqua’s curiosity. After he learned about what the organization was about, he wanted to start a branch in South Florida, and that’s how Think Pink Kids South Florida was founded. It started in just one high school initially in 2009 and it has expanded to over 13 schools since then. The organization has raised over $45,000 through several different fundraising activities such as an annual 5K Walk to Win The Battle Against Breast Cancer, a dodgeball tournament, merchandise sales and other efforts. Think Pink Kids encourages positive habits in children Another main mission of Think Pink Kids is to encourage positive productive habits in children. The organization does not focus on encouraging children to simply ask for donations to support the cause. Instead, it also focuses on teaching children about small businesses that they can run where they can donate a portion of their proceeds to breast cancer research, such as raking lawns, cleaning cars, or doing other small jobs and services. This teaches children important values and work ethic and they also learn about contributing to society. It offers a positive way for children to contribute. Without a doubt it a great organization to contribute your money or time to if you are looking for a breast cancer charity that strives to teach young people and include them in their mission.


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